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What I do for you


  1. Prepare a Comparative Market Analysis
  2. Outline all the important features and upgrades
  3. Determine the Fair Market Value of your property
  4. Advice you on pricing
  5. Provide an estimate of the selling expenses to show your net proceeds
  6. Staging house with you
  7. Order 36 Photos taken by a professional
  8. Put a Lockbox up for an easy access
  9. For Sale Sign
  10. List your property in MLS real estate database
  11. Listing your property with a Virtual Tour on Internet
  12. Exposure your property on websites such as, Zillow, Trulia etc.
  13. Exposure your property on Facebook, as featured listing (landing Page)
  14. Boosting listing on Facebook with a special ad
  15. Professional Emails to other Realtors (Our database contains over 1000 of Tampa Bay Realtors)
  16. Mail just listed flyers to your neighbors
  17. Create an E-Cards to send out to prospective clients and agents
  18. Open house for Broker only
  19. Open house for the public
  20. Put your property on the Property Caravan
  21. Reachable 24/7
  22. Coordiante showings
  23. Visit your home weekly to check on showings and refill brochures
  24. Call owner once a week with performance update and feedback from other agents on all showings
  25. Buyer approved
  26. Negotiate all offers on your behalf
  27. Prepare all disclosures, Addendum etc.
  28. coordinate Appraisal, Inspections
  29. Monitor the buyer’s Loan process
  30. Overview whole process and guide you through from listing the property to the closing

Stay on top of all other matters to be sure your real estate transaction closes on time and is hassle-free!


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coming soon